How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Train for Your Wedding Day

If you are a bride who is looking for a wedding train to go with wedding dresses in Columbus, then learning a little more about the different styles can help you choose the one that fits your wedding dress style and your personal tastes the best. Here are some different styles of wedding trains you will want to consider.


These trains that are usually less than 18-inches-long are also called brush train. They are a simple solution for brides who love the idea of having a train but do not want to responsibility of managing one on their wedding day. These trains that extend from the hem of the gown are often seen on mermaid wedding dresses, but some brides choose them for ball gown wedding dresses. Since they barely touch the ground, they can be a great option for outdoor casual weddings.


Another popular option is a court train. Like the sweep train, most of these just gently brush the ground. The largest difference is that these extend from the waist, and they are useful for giving the bride a more formal silhouette. These trains are often seen with a variety of wedding dress styles including trumpet, mermaid, sheath and A-lines.

Semi-Cathedral and Cathedral

Semi-cathedral and cathedral trains are between five and seven feet long. They can provide a very formal appearance on your wedding day. Therefore, they are often reserved for indoor ceremonies in church settings. These trains require some management on your wedding day to keep them flowing properly, so make sure to mention this to your bridesmaids.


Royal terrains are usually seen only in extremely formal weddings. Kate Middleton wore a beautiful one when she married Prince Charles. As of 2018, the longest royal train was worn by a Bangladeshi bride, and it measured 1.85 miles long. If you go with this option, then you may want to assign people to just manage your train.

When shopping for wedding dresses, we would love to help you choose the perfect wedding train. You can trust our many years of experience to give you expert advice.