3 Unique Wedding Dress Trends to Copy

Each year, bridal trends emerge praising a new accessory or hair-styling tip. The dresses come in shades of white, ivory, eggshell and the like. But other brides dare to be different, tackling unique trends that leave guests staring in awe. If you’re looking for wedding dresses in Columbus, here are a few trends to try out.

A Hint of Color

When it comes to the bride, most guests expect to see a dress in white. It’s tradition, right? This trend is throwing tradition out the window. Put some color into your walk down the aisle with a dress that includes just the lightest shade of your favorite color. Other brides chose to accessorize the white with daring details in black and red or borders of embroidered flowers. Pink, gold, light purple and pale blue have all been rocked successfully by brides.

A Stylish Belt

Belted wedding dresses are making a comeback, with many new collections featured cinched waists, beaded belts, tied ribbons and other waist-shrinking designs. This is a small finishing touch that might just make your big day all the more spectacular. Go traditional with an all-white, embroidered satin cinch. Or try something in your favorite color featuring a centerpiece design.

A Mysterious Cape

If you’re looking for a stylish wedding dress cover-up, the kind that will make you feel like royalty while walking down the aisle, look no further than the cape. A cape offers many design choices, from hooded and unhooded to varying lengths. You can keep it simple with a single matching shade. Alternatively, you can mix it up with a design that perfectly matches your style.