3 Wedding Gown Trends for Spring Weddings

Designers have released their latest spring wedding dresses. It is amazing the way that the different designers have personalized different trends. This allows brides to find their perfect wedding dress regardless of their personality. Here are some trends you will want to consider.


Brides have worn wedding dresses tied at the waist for a long time. For spring, however, they are moving to new locations on bridal gowns. Some bridal trains are now seen in bow shapes. Designers have miniaturized other bows using them to hold up the wedding dress. You will love the vast variety of beautiful ways that bows are showing up on gowns.

Geometric Patterns

One of the most surprising trends in wedding dresses is the use of geometry. Many patterns are being created using crystal beadwork. Embellishments, lace and appliques are being added to give visual interest to gowns. Some designers are using the geometric feature over the entire wedding gown. Others are adding surprising geometric details to traditional wedding gowns. The result often is a non-traditional wedding dress. You will be sure to leave your visitors impressed.


Many designers are adding glitter to gowns allowing your dress to sparkle on your big day. Some designers have used fabric that looks like it was diamond dipped. Others used glitter to embellish their creations. Swarovski crystals are showing up in unusual ways on gowns. There is also a trend to combine the use of gold and silver glitter to create amazing patterns on gowns.

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