It can be difficult to determine the dress code that best fits your wedding. By considering a few key wedding day factors, like the wedding dress and the venue, settling on a dress code is simple.

How to Decide on a Wedding Day Dress Code

Choosing a wedding dress isn’t the only style decision a bride has to make. She also has to decide on a dress code. Wedding dress codes can range from casual to white-tie, and determining a dress code often sets the tone for your big day. Here are a few tips to help you settle on the appropriate code for your wedding guests.

Consider Your Dress

Your dress should be the sartorial barometer for your big day. If you’re wearing a Cinderella-style gown with loads of ruffles, you don’t want your guests to come dressed in casual khakis. To avoid this kind of style mismatch, determine the dress code for your guest list by considering your wedding gown. If you’re wearing an above-the-knee cocktail dress, casual dress code is probably appropriate. If you’re going to be decked out in a slinky, ’20s style gown, it might be fun to have a themed dress code. If you’re in doubt, ask the sales associates at the bridal boutique you purchased your dress to weigh in on the subject. They’re often experts in all matters of wedding day style.

Study the Venue

Dress code should also suit the venue. If you’re hosting your shabby-chic reception in a converted barn, white-tie might look out of place. On the other hand, if you’re having your reception in a formal ballroom, you don’t want your guests showing up clad in semiformal attire.

Think About the Weather

The weather is also key when determining dress code. Brides throwing outdoor weddings in the middle of the summer may want to avoid a white-tie dress code, as it requires male guests to wear multiple layers. Similarly, a summertime wedding on the beach calls for a laid back style vibe, as no one wants to get sand in his or her formal shoes. If you choose a dress code based on wedding dress, venue, and weather, you’re sure to have a stylish wedding to remember.