3 Helpful Tips for a Beach Wedding

It seems like everybody dreams of a beach wedding. However, if you start planning a beach wedding, you may discover that it is a little trickier to pull off than a traditional wedding. Consider the following tips that could make your big day a little easier.

Make Sure to Choose a Comfortable Wedding Dress

For one, it will likely be much warmer and more humid at the beach than it would be in a traditional venue. This means that wedding dresses made out of heavier fabric are probably not the best idea. Lighter fabric that is better suited for warmer environments is the right choice. It may be a good idea to ask the employees at your bridal boutique which dresses they might recommend for a beach wedding. Keep in mind that your wedding will likely be several hours long, and you don’t want to start sweating right in the middle of it.

Plan the Ceremonies Accordingly

Many couples who go for beach weddings choose to have intimate ceremonies with their most loved friends and family members. The unique nature of beach weddings requires guests to go along with the spirit of the event. To put it more simply, guests will have to take their shoes off and get wet and sandy. It may not be the best idea for you and your fiance to ask all of your co-workers to do this, for example.

It’s also important to choose the right time for your wedding. Many couples like to plan their ceremonies so that they can get married as the sun sets. This will surely create a beautiful and long-lasting memory. Also, it’ll look great in pictures that you can happily post to your Instagram.

Get an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Beach weddings present a unique challenge to many photographers. The outside, natural lighting requires very different camera settings and equipment than artificial indoor lighting. When you’re picking photographers, make sure to check their websites to see if they have worked on beach weddings before. Many brides-to-be also like to interview photographers in-person before hiring them. Asking questions about their experience is the best way to ensure that your chosen photographer can get the most beautiful shots possible.