Three Columbus Winter Wedding Gown Detail Requests for Bridal Stores

As you begin visiting bridal stores in Columbus in search of your dream gown for your wedding day, if you are getting married in the winter, there are some details your dress might require. A dress purchased for a summer wedding is going to have different features than a dress for winter nuptials. While you are probably going to spend the majority of the day indoors, you still want to be comfortable and warm. Here are three winter wedding dress details to consider.


For a number of reasons, most brides opt for sleeves even when their wedding is being held during the warmer months. For winter nuptials, in particular, sleeves are both functional and beautiful. You can pick out lace sleeves or you can go with fabric sleeves. For more ideas, the Columbus staff at bridal stores can offer more suggestions.


If you are an adventurous bride, you may decide to opt for a shorter length dress even though your wedding day is going to be held in the winter. When the climate allows, it makes sense if you prefer to go short. Wedding dress designers do recommend that brides pick a longer dress because it will keep you warm. Plus, if you go with a mermaid style, because it will be snugger around your body, you will also be insulated.

Add Some Sparkle

The best time of the year to add sparkle to your party clothes is during the Holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. If you are getting married during the winter months, it is the perfect time to also add some sparkle to your wedding gown. When you speak with the Columbus staff at bridal stores, find out what suggestions they have.

Ultimately, your final wedding dress details are your choices. For a winter wedding, consider sleeves, a longer length and adding some sparkle.