10 Designer Wedding Dresses that Bridal Shops Love

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Choosing a wedding dress is often the one time in a person’s life that the person designing the clothing actually matters to them. This is because of a couple of factors, such as the fact that everyone is going to be taking pictures and that you’re only going to be wearing it once in your life. However, bridal shops in Columbus understand that it’s not likely that many people know all too much about wedding designers. Sure, everyone has heard of Meghan Markle’s iconic Stella McCartney reception dress, but there are so many more to choose from. That is why the following includes 10 of the most popular designer wedding dresses in the market today.

1. Bridal Shops in Columbus Recommend: Danielle Frankel

It’s no secret that although most brides want to keep with tradition, most also want to ensure that their wedding is a personal experience. However, bridal shops in Columbus understand that it can be difficult for a bride to find that balance between traditional and personal. Fortunately, designers such as Danielle Frankel are seeing this need in the market for personalization and a slight change of tradition. Offering cool simple pieces with a dash of tradition, Danielle Frankel is the go-to for a change of scenery.

2. Hermione de Paula

If you’re a lover of a designer wedding dress with detail, British designer Hermione de Paula is your best bet. Having had a few stints in Dior, Giles, McQueen, and Galliano, there is no doubt that Hermione de Paula has had time to perfect her craft. Hermione de Paula strives for a more “romantic surrealism,” with many of her dresses coming out with sheaths and gowns that often have incredible detail within them.

3. Stella McCartney

As stated above, one of the most popular designer weddings today includes those of Stella McCartney. This is largely due to the fact that Meghan Markle chose to wear her dress for the reception. Much of the appeal of Stella McCartney comes from how simple yet well-tailored they are. Tailored dresses being some of the most popular designer wedding dresses in Columbus.

4. Katie May

Oftentimes, the issue that many people tend to have with a designer weddings dress is its lack of ability to really form to the bride. Katie May understands not only that issue but the desire from women to have a dress that boasters their body. Katie May has stated that “I always love making women feel beautiful and empowered in their own body.” This is why she always begins with creating the dress around the bride’s body to make them feel confident and then focuses on the fabric best suited for the dress.

5. Ralph Lauren

Although often only accessible to the rich and famous, Ralph Lauren is a name that isn’t often associated with wedding dresses. However, every once in a while, Ralph Lauren will take the time to help celebrities and the wealthy design the perfect wedding dress for their big day.

6. Costarellos

Over the years, a large majority of brides have attempted to stray away from the traditional lace wedding dress. However, certain designers such as Christos Costarellos have ensured that lace is not dead. Using multiple layers of lace, Christos Costarellos is able to create incredible patterns and layers to a dress often not seen within many bridal stores in Columbus.

7. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

It’s no secret that most brides want to stand out from the crowd on their big day, but not many designer wedding dresses can achieve that. In many cases, going for the simple look can often backfire to the point where the bride is lost within the crowd. That is why so many turn to Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen’s designer wedding dresses. These gowns help brides stand out by making the dress not only seem like they are flowing the bride along the ground but also in the out-of-the-box creations that tend to come out from this designer.

8. Dana Harel

Think about everything you would want to see in a wedding dress—things such as lace, silhouettes, and a perfect fit. Brides can get all that and more when they choose to go with a Dana Harel designer wedding dress. Dana Harel is attempting to put the romance back into the bridal dress without making it too sexy.

9. ASHI Studio

When people think of wedding dresses, they usually don’t think of the middle east, but they should. ASHI Studio has been putting out an incredible line of designer wedding dresses that challenge the typical gown. Created with a flair for the dramatic, ASHI Studio is quickly going to be a designer brand people wish they paid more attention to.

10. Steven Khalil

Beware, Steven Khalil is not for the minimalist. Steven Khalil places emphasis on making wedding dresses what they should be, which is glamorous. Including traditional areas of the wedding dress but still including fashion-forward details, Steven Khalil is the way to go for anyone looking to make a statement.


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